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Peter Roberts   Training Courses Currently Available

Russet Publishing organises a number of training courses across the UK, some of which are based on the contents of the various books shown on the site.

For geological, geotechnical, and civil engineering training, these usually comprise a full day, 10.00 - 4.00, six-hour lecture course held at some easily-accessible hotel venue in a city region. Full-day training courses cost £250 per delegate and are VAT-free. This includes lunch and refreshments. In the case of the course that professor Roberts runs on rock slope engineering, in additon to the course itself, each delegate receives a personal PDF copy of his latest book on rock slope and rock face engineering valued at £96.00.

In the case of languages for local charitable organisations, Russet Publishing offers half-day, morning or afternoon courses to be organised by local organisations such as the U3A or Probus, where an optimum number of about twenty delegates will pay £10 each to attend. Each course will include delegates receiving a free PDF copy of a language book valued at RRP £6.50.

More details are shown below and prospective delegates can book into any courses which have firm lecture venues and dates arranged.

For any proposed courses, potential delegates can express an indicative interest without committing themselves by clicking "CONTACT US" and asking any relevant questions.