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"Russet Publishing" and "Richard Royal" are trading names of Dr Peter Roberts.

Books and other documents sent to you from this website are usually sent by two methods:

Some files may be sent as attachments to emails. Usually, these will be small files or low-resolution compact PDF files that do not need downloading via our HOGO electronic distributor. When we directly send you a product attached to an email, you can use it for your own personal purposes with any proprietary PDF viewer. However, the terms and conditions of the sale are that you do not copy the file and do not pass copies on to other parties. The product is sold to you for your own personal use and we trust you to abide by these terms of sale. PDF files can be viewed on PCs or Apple Mac computers.

Alternatively, owing to their large multi-megabyte file size or specialised nature, many books and products are distributed via our HOGO electronic distributor. The procedure here is that when you have paid for a product we send you an email containing a download URL on which you can click. This URL takes you to our HOGO download site where you can click on a 'download' button and the download will take place. If you have ordered more than one copy of the book, then you are entitled to save the second download for a later date, or you can instigate the second download to a second device such as a laptop. Again, alternatively, if you wish to simultaneously purchase a copy for yourself at your email address and one for another person with a different email address, then you can use our 'contact us' page to email the editor; you provide that alternative address together with any message that you wish to add, and the second copy will be sent to that email address with your message.

HOGO files downloaded to a desktop or laptop computer must be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a universally free application. Most people have a copy but if you don't, you can click on the following URL to download it to your desktop/laptop computer for free:


If you choose to download to a tablet or mobile phone, you can download a free viewer from HOGO at the same time as you are downloading the product from the HOGO download site.

For your security and to prevent others from copying your valuable book, HOGO-delivered products will be restricted to the email address that you tell us you want to use. They will be locked so that no one can steal or make copies or duplicate your book, nor make inadvertent alterations. Thus, we ensure that you have a secure, unaltered product. However, you (or any other party) can delete the file, so you need to take care of that aspect. Nonetheless, if you inadvertently delete your file, you only have to contact us and we will send you a new copy to your same email address for a nominal charge of £5.00 to cover our administrative costs. These are things that cannot be offered with printed books. If you pay, say, £70 for a printed book and you accidentally lose it or destroy it, no book seller will replace that book. But, if you contact us, we can and will replace it for that nominal charge.

Similarly, when you have purchased a book once and there is a significant version upgrade, we can, at your request, send you a new book for a nominal charge of 20% of the original book's cost, subject to a minimum charge of £5.00. This is something that you will not obtain from a printed book retailer or publisher.

If you change your email address at some time in the future, you only have to contact us and we will change the address and send you a new copy to your new email address for a nominal charge of £5.00 to cover our administrative costs.

If we are notified that there is a significant error contained in a book (our discretion as to whether the error is significant) you can ask us to send you a free replacement copy.

In addition to the numerous benefits mentioned above, our PDF books have the following inherent advantages that are not available from printed books.

1.  When you are reading a PDF book, the file will automatically open up at the last page that you were previously reading. This is very handy when you are reading fiction or scientific books alike.

2.  Two advantages over printed books are that font size can be magnified for easy reading and the high-resolution diagrams can be magnified by the usual hand operations so that details of equations and the like can be comfortably examined.

3.  For purposes of inclusion in a report, for example, it is easy to make screengrabs of any part of the book such as equations and diagrams to be pasted in elsewhere.

4. Unlike a physical paper book, you will always have your copy with you wherever you have your laptop.

5. By purchasing a PDF file or other electronic format, you are helping the environment. You help to eliminate the environmental impact of the physical printing process (inks, consumption of electricity). You help to reduce the number of trees that are felled and used, thus contributing to the fight against climate change. You help to reduce the impact of the paper manufacturing process (manufacture of chemicals, disposal of chemicals, consumption of electricity). You reduce the environmental impact of electricity consumption from nuclear and coal-fired generation plants. You help to reduce landfill quantities when, ultimately, books have to be disposed of.

6. And, as a significant benefit, your book will never become tattered, worn, or dog-eared over the years by constant use. It will always be as pristine as the day you bought it.

Here is a hint that, when reading technical PDF files on a computer, tablet, or phone, it is best to use the thumbnail footer view for rapid scrolling back and forth through the book.



If there are problems with your payment such that you do not pay for the book, or if you attempt to or succeed in by-passing HOGO's software security, we have the right to disable your copies of the book.

We take no responsibility for any use that you make of the information contained in our books and other published items. Before you use any book, therefore, note carefully that the author accepts no liability for your use of it.

The author will not be liable for direct, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from any defect in the book even if he has previously been made aware of such a defect.

In engineering books, the author offers his book as illustrating some examples of methods of working, including equations that he has prepared from first principles, using well known mathematical formulae, principles and rules.

It is the responsibility of the individual user/organisation to satisfy himself/herself/themselves that any equations they use are suitable for their purpose and that they have checked them to ensure that they are accurate and error-free.

It is also the responsibility of the individual/organisation to ensure that, in executing any works, they undertake all appropriate health and safety reviews, risk analysis studies and the preparation of risk analysis reports as required by relevant current practice and legislation wherever such works are being designed and implemented.

It is the responsibility and duty of every engineer to have his/her designs checked internally by an experienced member of staff and to have that design checked by a suitably qualified and experienced external third party.

All engineering design works should be double-checked by an appropriately qualified, independent, third party.

The above precautions are expected of any professional in any field, using whatever mathematical and professional sources they may choose.

All rights are reserved to Peter Roberts and Russet Publishing. Our books or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher—except for the use of brief quotations in a book review, scholarly journal or engineering report. Copyright in all of our books is reserved to the author(s) thereof.

By using our website and purchasing our products, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.